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Accepted papers


  • Samira Attou, Ludovic Mignot, Clément Miklarz, Florent Nicart:
                Constrained Multi-Tildes
  • Václav Blažej, Jan Janousek, Stepan Plachy:
                On the smallest synchronizing terms of finite tree automata
  • Bernard Boigelot, Pascal Fontaine, Baptiste Vergain:
                Universal First-Order Quantification over Automata
  • Sabine Broda, António Machiavelo, Nelma Moreira, Rogério Reis:
                Average Complexity of Partial Derivatives for Synchronised Shuffle Expressions
  • Szilárd Zsolt Fazekas, Robert Mercas:
                Sweep complexity revisited
  • Hermann Gruber, Markus Holzer, Christian Rauch:
                The Pumping Lemma for Regular Languages is Hard
  • Joonghyuk Hahn, Hyunjoon Cheon, Yo-Sub Han:
                M-equivalence of Parikh Matrix over a Ternary Alphabet
  • Michal Hospodár, Galina Jiraskova:
                Operational Complexity in Subregular Classes
  • Yusuke Inoue, Kenji Hashimoto, and Hiroyuki Seki:
                When Is Context-Freeness Distinguishable from Regularity? An Extension of Parikh's Theorem
  • Shmual T. Klein, Dana Shapira:
                Enhanced Ternary Fibonacci Codes
  • Martin Kutrib:
                Sweeping Input-Driven Pushdown Automata
  • Kevin Lotz, Mitja Kulczynski, Dirk Nowotka, Danny Bøgsted Poulsen, Anders Schlichtkrull:
                Verified Verifying: SMT-LIB for Strings in Isabelle
  • Andreas Maletti, Andreea-Teodora Nász:
                Towards the Weighted Bottom-up and Top-down Tree Transducer Hierarchy
  • Sebastian Maneth, Martin Vu:
                Deciding whether an Attributed Translation can be realized by a Top-Down Transducer
  • Olga Martynova, Alexander Okhotin:
                A time to cast away stones
  • Giovanni Pighizzini, Luca Prigioniero:
                Two-way Machines and de Bruijn Words
  • Antonio Al Serhali, Joachim Niehren:
                Earliest Query Answering for Deterministic Stepwise Hedge Automata
  • Jeffrey Shallit, Anatoly Zavyalov:
                Transduction of Automatic Sequences and Applications
  • Ryoma Sin'ya:
                Measuring Power of Generalised Definite Languages
  • Sicheol Sung, Sang-Ki Ko, Yo-Sub Han:
                Smaller Representation of Compiled Regular Expressions


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