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Original papers are sought in all areas that relate

to implementation and application of automata, including (but not restricted to):

  •  algorithms on automata,
  •  automata and logic,
  •  bioinformatics,
  •  complexity of automata operations,
  •  compilers,
  •  computer-aided verification,
  •  concurrency and parallel computing,
  •  data structure design for automata,
  •  data and image compression,
  •  design and architecture of automata software,
  •  deterministic and nondeterministic models of automata,
  •  digital libraries,
  •  DNA/molecular/membrane computing,
  •  document engineering, editors, environments,
  •  experimental studies and practical experiences,
  •  implementation of verification methods and model checking,
  •  industrial applications,
  •  natural language and speech processing,
  •  networking,
  •  new algorithms for manipulating automata,
  •  object-oriented modeling,
  •  pattern-matching,
  •  pushdown automata and context-free grammars,
  •  quantum computing,
  •  speech and speaker recognition,
  •  structured and semi-structured documents,
  •  symbolic manipulation environments for automata,
  •  teaching,
  •  text processing,
  •  techniques for graphical display of automata,
  •  transducers and multi-tape automata,
  •  VLSI,
  •  viruses and related phenomena,
  •  and the world-wide web.

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