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Hotel and Transfer

Dear participant, in this page you may book your hotel room in the conference hotel and book your airport transport. You may do them together once, or separately.

As both the NCMA2023 workshop and the CIAA2023 conference will be held in Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel, it is strongly recommended to for participants to stay at event venue.  We have some negotiated rooms at Salamis Bay Conti as seen below


 Per Night

Per Person / Per Night

Per Person / Per Night

  • Daily Open Buffet Breakfast
  • Daily Open Buffet Breakfast
  • Daily Open Buffet Breakfast
  • Daily Open Buffet Lunch
  • Daily Open Buffet Lunch
  • Daily Open Buffet Lunch
  • Daily Open Buffet  Dinner
  • Daily Open Buffet  Dinner
  • Daily Open Buffet  Dinner
  • TAX & VAT
  • TAX & VAT
  • TAX & VAT

Room rates are special for conference & workshop participants and has to be booked through below form.

Once you fill the form secretariat office will contact you within next business day about payment details

About Transportation

There are three public airports in the island. Cyprus, the island, has technically two parts: the “Republic of Cyprus" in the South, a member of the European Union with public airports Larnaca and Paphos; and in the north, the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)". Famagusta is in the TRNC.

Ercan airport is in TRNC and flight comes through Turkey. The airport taxi fee is 50 Euro from/to Ercan to/from the conference hotel (one way).

Larnaca is a very popular airport including various flights with low fair companies. Since there is no official public transport through the “border", it is highly recommended to arrange a taxi using our form. The airport taxi fee is 65 Euro for a one-way trip between Larnaca airport and the conference hotel. For people from Europe this option could be simpler and easier. For not European Citizens, Larnaca airport works (check if you need visa or any special travel document), however, landing in Cyprus, they should say that they are arriving as tourists to Cyprus, and should not mention that they are coming to the North to a workshop/conference.

In case you are flying to Paphos (ca. 200 km from the conference place), please send as email to arrange your taxi.

You can book your hotel and/or airport transfer below. 

Hotel and Transport Form

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